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  • Regina:

    So my mother almost married your father?

  • Snow:


  • Regina:

    And when that didn’t work she waited for about two decades, killed your mother, then had me marry your father?

  • Snow:


  • Regina:

    And your father never thought to mention to me that he almost married my mother?

  • Snow:

    Apparently not.

  • Regina:

    Our parents are weird.

  • Snow:


soratori42 asked:

If you're taking prompts this weekend, how about one where 10 teaches Rose gallifreyan?


Rose watched in fascination as he copied down the documents’ contents, watching as the swirls and circles formed before her eyes. “I’ve never seen you write Gallifreyan before,” she said.

His lips quirked up in a smile. “There’s notes all over the TARDIS, Rose.”

"Yeah, but I’ve never actually seen you write it," she said. "It’s like calligraphy."

"It’s just Gallifreyan," he shrugged. "Nothing special about it."

"Can you teach me?" Rose asked.

He paused. “It… takes a long time to master, Rose. I studied it for nearly a century. You… well, it’ll be harder since you don’t have the time sense I do.”

Rose shrugged. “I can still learn the basics, yeah? Besides, it’ll be fun to converse with you in a language our jailors don’t know.”

"Speaking and writing are two different things," he chuckled.

"Same result," Rose replied.

He finished copying the documents and carefully replaced them. “Alright. Let’s get this to the rebellion head and get history back on track, and I’ll consider it. Deal?”

"Deal," Rose said, and tucked the scroll into her bag.

Days later the Doctor found Rose staring at a manuscript of beginning Gallifreyan, and shook his head. “You’re serious about this, then?”

"Course," she said without looking up. "You deserve to hear someone else speak your language."

He was quiet for a long time, and Rose looked at him in confusion. When she saw his expression she paled. “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean… I just…”

"It’s.. it’s ok," he whispered. "I just…"

Rose got up and pulled him into a hug. “I understand. Mum gets the same way about dad sometimes. It hurts to face the memory.”

He pulled back after a while. “You’re reading the book wrong.”

Rose blinked. “Eh?”

"It’s upside down," he said, and switched the book around. "Here. Gallifreyan is read counter-clockwise, spiraling inwards."

She sat down beside him. “That’s the letter A?”

"The closest equivalent," he said. "Gallifreyan is like… it’s like Hebrew compared to English. You can consider the symbol the same as ‘A’, but it’s not."

She nodded. “So what’s your alphabet?”

The Doctor flipped to the front page. “Here. They’re completely different when combined into a word, of course, but these are the basics.”

His hearts fluttered as Rose traced the symbols, and when she actually spoke them they seemed to stop- it had been so long since he had heard Gallifreyan that he had forgotten the sound of it on someone else’s lips, they way the words spun and danced in the air. Rose probably didn’t even realize the enormity of the gift she had given him, but he didn’t care- it was enough to know that she cared enough to give it to him in the first place.

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